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A vacation is not much of a vacation until you get out the door and arrive at your destination. The packing and the travel can be quite difficult and cause the need for a vacation for you and your family. These tips were written to help you through the stressful stages of vacation planning.

When traveling out of the country, it is advisable to drink only bottled water. This is especially important in countries where the quality of their tap water may be questionable. It’s better to possibly pay a bit more and be safe than risk getting sick because of contaminated tap water.

Avoid crowds and save money by visiting in the off-season. If you want to be able to enjoy your vacation without having to battle a crowd of people everywhere you go, learn when the popular months are for the location and plan your vacation for the less popular time. Be aware, while it can save you money, in some locations you may have to contend with less than ideal weather.

Purchasing an entertainment package when visiting a city with many attractions can save you time and money. An entertainment package purchased in advance usually includes tickets to several area attractions, often at a discounted rate. This will take much of the stress out of a vacation, allowing you to walk past the long lines at the ticket counter when you arrive and get straight to the fun.

Be sure to confirm your reservation at the establishment you will be lodging in. Hotels are well within their right to give your room to someone else if you do not confirm your reservation. A quick phone call can ensure that you don’t find yourself without a place to stay, when you arrive.

Hopefully you have found these tips to be both helpful and stress relieving. If you take them and apply them to the planning of your vacation, you are going to be able to get to your destination with far less stress than you would if you did not have the valuable information that you learned here.

To continue to learn more about travel, you should read travel blogs to gain further tips. Watching the Travel Channel through cable one packages will also help you pinpoint the locations you are interested in travelling to.

  1. Alan Wong’s (Oahu) – Frequented by politicians and celebrities, Alan Wong’s maintains a cozy atmosphere, impeccable service and an extensive wine list.
  2. Roy’s (Oahu, Maui) – With multiple locations across the islands, Roy’s has a comprehensive menu of Hawaiian-Asian fusion cuisine.
  3. Orchids at Halekulani (Oahu) – An easygoing and tropical themed fine dining experience with innovative dishes.
  4. Le Bistro (Oahu) – Known by many as “the best French restaurant on Oahu,” you can’t go wrong with Le Bistro, an upscale French restaurant in the classic tradition.
  5. La Mer (Oahu) – La Mer is a french fine dining restaurant that takes advantage of Hawaii’s fresh ingredients.
  6. Pacific’O (Maui) – With their own farms and fresh caught fish, Pacific’O is the premiere restaurant on Maui for the discriminating visitor.
  7. Nobu (Oahu) – Serving up a fine dining sushi experience, Nobu is popular with Japanese tourists craving authentic cuisine as well as mainland visitors looking to experience something a little different.
  8. BLT Steak (Oahu) – BLT Steak is an upscale steakhouse situated in the heart of Waikiki.
  9. Ocean Grille (Lanai) – Ocean Grille takes advantage of a gorgeous view, http://directtelevisionpackages.com/direct-tv/Texas/Direct-TV-Arlington/, serving Italian food with excellent service.
  10. Merriman’s (Big Island) – A Hawaiian take on fine-dining, Merriman’s is noted as being the best the Big Island has to offer.

While many people go to Hawaii just to stay in a hotel or resort, small families or couples might find that a bed & breakfast would suit their vacation needs much better. Like hotels, bed & breakfasts in Hawaii are a dime a dozen. If a bed & breakfast in Hawaii is what you’re looking for, consider the following accommodations:

Maui Tradewinds

Maui Tradewinds, located in Haiku, Maui, is one of the most popular bed & breakfasts in Hawaii. It consistently gets good reviews Read the rest of this entry »

What to do for entertainment in Hawaii

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03 31st, 2013

Hawaii has always been a top travel destination. You’ve probably seen so many travel shows about Hawaii’s beautiful islands on cable television. Those who call it home enjoy Hawaii’s warm and soothing tropical climate, diverse natural scenery and abundant, relaxing public beaches. The seductive oceanic surroundings, vibrant native culture, volcanoes and night life create just the right amount of balanced beauty and excitement. Below are some of the many different types of activities that people can experience in Hawaii.

1. Exercise enthusiasts have innumerable opportunities to enjoy the world’s most famous beaches by surfboarding, outrigger canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling at the Capt. Cook Monument in Kealakekua Bay. The abundant coral reefs, fish, dolphins and calm waters make it a snorkeling paradise. Those who enjoy fishing will find the deep sea and shallow water bottom excursions extraordinary.

2. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery by taking a tour, bike riding, rollerblading, riding in an off road vehicle, golf cart or just walking along the coastline.

3. Hawaii is home to many lavish tropical buffets that feature specialty Island juices, made to order foods and fresh Pacific Rim fruits. The seafood is to die for and the traditional Hawaiian luau is a feast that no trip to Hawaii is complete without.

4. Other activities to enjoy include visiting one of the countless waterfalls, building sand castles, watching a sunrise above a volcano, visiting the only royal palace in America, swimming with a manta ray or enjoying a sensual spa massage.

5. The horseback tours and fern grotto and dinner cruises are another way to enjoy all of the stunning islands and their magnificent scenery.

6. Variety shows feature music and dance such as that of the Society of Seven or Magic of Polynesia. Evening entertainment can also include illusion acts, Polynesian drums and fire dances and outstanding vocal acts.

7. Adventurers and explorers will enjoy the many remote canyons, lush valleys, desert-like terrain, rainforests and even snow capped mountains.

The wide variety of relaxing and invigorating activities to do in Hawaii have always made it a popular destination for visitors, surfers and explorers. Regardless of how visitors spend their time, the many options available will ensure that some of the most unforgettable memories will be had by visiting Hawaii.

Alan Wong’s Restaurant is a popular dining spot in Honolulu, Hawaii. Chef Alan Wong creates a unique variety of dishes based on the various ethnic roots in Hawaii. The restaurant works closely with Hawaii’s agriculture industry to foster a healthy relationship and serves as an advocate for local ranchers, farmers, growers and producers. Alan Wong’s Restaurant features special Farmer Series Dinners where diners can meet the local farmers and learn more about their trade. Every single part of any dish served in the restaurant comes from Hawaii, from appetizers to dessert. Even the Read the rest of this entry »

Oftentimes, Hawaii serves as a popular honeymoon destination for two, however when two becomes three, four or more, a trip to Hawaii can make a great family getaway too. Hawaii welcome families with beautiful sites, comfortable accommodations and amazing, family friendly restaurants. In Hawaii, there are several of the country’s top family friendly restaurants that offer superb cuisine from around the world without breaking the bank.

Marukame Udon

Marukame Udon, located in the Waikiki area of Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the 467-chain Japanese restaurants usually based in Japan. The restaurant opened its doors in April 2011 offering Read the rest of this entry »

05 12th, 2012

Hawaii boasts plenty of free activities. From touring the Mokupapapa Discovery Center to visiting the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens, there are many entertaining things to do in Hawaii. Here’s a look at 10 fun, free things to do in Hawaii.

1. Visit Kohala Historical Sites State Monument. The Mo’okini Heiau and Kamehameha I Birthsite make the Kohala Historical Sites State Monument a top Hawaiian attraction.

2. Tour the Mokupapapa Discovery Center. Besides featuring a one-of-a-kind theater, this free attraction also boasts a 2,500-gallon aquarium.

3. Read the rest of this entry »

There are many advantages to a Hawaiian trip. You must see the beautiful sights such as the beautiful beaches. You can enjoy walking along the shore picking up seashells or go for swim in the clear ocean water. If you have ever thought about trying out surfing or scuba diving, then do not miss out on the opportunity on your Hawaiian trip.

There are many fun attractions in Hawaii that are perfect for all ages. You can enjoy shopping for souvenirs or eating the local cuisine. Read the rest of this entry »

Hawaii is a beautiful state to see in the USA. It has many beaches and warm weather for the entire year. However, make sure to explore this states spectacular and historic sites. Make sure to visit the Kaunolu Village in Lanai City. This site allows you to explore a prehistoric Hawaiian Village. See the archeological site of Hokukano-Ulapue Complex in the city of Ulapue. Next, see ancient Hawaiian ruins. Visit the first sugar plantation that achieved success in Read the rest of this entry »

05 1st, 2012

  1. Alan Wong’s (Oahu) – Frequented by politicians and celebrities, Alan Wong’s maintains a cozy atmosphere, impeccable service and an extensive wine list.
  2. Roy’s (Oahu, Maui) – With multiple locations across the islands, Roy’s has a comprehensive menu of Hawaiian-Asian fusion cuisine.
  3. Orchids at Halekulani (Oahu) – An easygoing and tropical themed fine dining experience with innovative dishes.
  4. Le Bistro (Oahu) – Known by many as “the best French restaurant on Oahu,” Read the rest of this entry »

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